ECOFLUX Smooth Tube Heat Exchangers

ECOFLUX Smooth Tube Heat Exchangers

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ECOFLUX Smooth Tube Heat Exchangers

HRS Process Systems Limited also designs and manufactures ECOFLUX* Smooth Tube Heat Exchanger for various industrial application like heating, cooling, condensing and reboiling in our world class manufacturing facility to cater to Customer's heat transfer requirement. We manufacture units presently to working pressure of 80 bar for process / service plant and with 0 temperature upto 400 C. For specific design we can manufacture units with 150 bar pressure at 500 C.

Our manufacturing facility is equipped to fabricate STHE with diameter of 2000 mm and tube length upto 9000 mm. For special equipment we can make heat exchanger with 12000 mm tube length. These are customised units based on specific industry application. The units can be fabricated based on customer drawings. We can design and manufacture units to customer specifications too. We design STHE with or without ASME 'U' stamp certification, CE certification and others codes.

Heat exchangers are manufactured in Stainless Steel AISI 304/316, depending upon the application. Material like SS304L, SS316L, Hastelloy, Copper, Cu-Ni alloys, Titanium, AL6XN can also be offered. 


  • Flexible in design, customised solution
  • Suitable for high temperature & presure applications
  • Thermal design in HTRI and Chemcad Software
  • Mechnical design in PVD and PV Elite Software
  • TEMA configurations available like BEM, BET, BKU, AES, AEL, etc.
  • Wide choice of Material of Construction